Friday, November 19, 2004

Going to Europe soon? Ouch

Better take a look at the Euro. You'll get .76 Euros for your dollar. Not a way to have a cheap vacation. To read more about some recent Greenspan and John Snow comments, check out this NY Times article . Taken together, the two speeches have sent an unmistakable message that the Bush administration, on the heels of its re-election, is prepared to tolerate a weaker dollar for the foreseeable future. That could aggravate tensions between the United States and Europe, which is increasingly worried that the rise of the euro is choking off its tenuous recovery. In France and Germany, economic growth in the third quarter dropped to 0.1 percent, as the countries' exports dried up.

Did you see the 1 hour ABC special with Bill Clinton and Peter Jennings at Clinton's new library? Now that was an interesting hour. You can tell Bill is still mighty pissed off at the treatment he got from Ken Starr and his rabid gang. He stuck it right back in Peter's face, accusing the media and ABC and Peter himself of further hyping every bit of news that came out of Starr's office. You can't blame the guy for being honked off - they never found him guilty of any wrongdoing, except for Monica. And the Europeans and other more "enlightened" countries, just laugh at us for making such a big deal out of that. Pundits seem to think that Clinton will be remembered for his economic successes. No doubt he had those, but I have to say that I think Americans will remember Clinton for his incredible intellect, magnetic personality, and his ability to marshall seemingly endless facts into extraordinarily thoughtful arguments. We won't see many like him in politics in our lifetime.

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    Wednesday, November 17, 2004

    Christmas Shopping

    Before you do your Christmas shopping, remember to check Ebates to see if your online store is listed. I've gotten over $200 back from Ebates over the years. There's no catch. It's free. Check it out. (Don't sign up for the Moe reminder thing). While on the subject, also check out Froogle , that's Google's online shopping network. Many of you may use a shopping bot, such as Pricegrabber but it pays to check out Froogle as well, which has every imaginable source.

    Get your Religion on Cheese Toast
    Yep, it appears the Virgin Mary is being sold on a slab of 10 year old Cheese toast on Ebay. We have truly evolved as a society! Check out the article from the Australian