Saturday, September 06, 2003

 Larry King Interview with Dr. James Dobson: "KING: But there are some, some fundamentalists, who believe that if you do not believe Christ is the Savior, you will not go to heaven, right?

DOBSON: Well, I'm one of them. I do believe that.

KING: Well, then Jews won't go to heaven.

DOBSON: Well, if they don't accept, him that's true.

KING: But they don't.

DOBSON: Larry, I have only the scripture to go on. I have no authority to do anything that isn't written there. And Jesus himself said I am the way, the truth and the life. And he said that no man gets to the father, gets to God but by him. And that's what is in the scripture. So what am I going to do with that?

KING: So therefore you -- if a Jew dies not believing in Christ, he does not go to heaven?

DOBSON: Well, you asked me that question when I was here previously, and I told you the ultimate decision there is up to God, and he told us not to judge each other. I am merely reflecting what Jesus said about himself. And that's what I believe. "

Now I have to ask - what happens to Buddhists, Muslims, etc? They will be happy to know they're all going to hell, won't they? And how about some guy tossing a spear down near the Amazon, who has never even seen a book that tells him he is going to hell? To me, this attitude smacks of extreme arrogance. You can read the article by clicking the link above to hear about homosexuals,etc. This would be amusing, if it weren't for the fact that so many Americans feel this way. Wonder what happened to me?

Friday, September 05, 2003

 Well I tried to post this earlier and lost the whole thing due to some Blogger craziness.

Anybody catch the NPR telecast of the Democrats debating last night? Now that was interesting. Was nice to see somebody besides religous conservatives. I was impressed with Mosely Brown and actually little Kucenich (sp?). Brown was intelligent and Kucenich was entertaining. Alas, neither will win since America isn't ready for Black, Women Presidents (how about a black woman VP?) and Kucenich doesn't have the looks to get the public stirred up (ala Nader). Everybody was trying their best to spit out their own version of Spanish. Dean made the rest of them look rather clumsy on this issue - he spoke fluently, apparently from working one summer on a farm with Cubans. Kerry showed a good sense of humor and is still what I consider the best bet on the Democrat side to actually give Bush a run for the money. Perhaps Dean, but he is already learning that he is going to have to play more towards the middle if he hopes to get elected. Lieberman jumped on him at one point and Dean stumbled on the reply, but I don't think that gives Lieberman a one up either. My guess is that Lieberman is "old news" and the public wants someone new and exciting. It is a sign of the times when we get excited about Arnold (whom I like as a person, but is obviously not ready for politics). Gephart showed a lot of fire and thumped around a lot, but I think folks will find him too "vanilla" and too "Washington". Sharpton was missing, and though entertaining, doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Edwards is too much of a "boy" and his southern drawl will probably drive Northerners nuts. Of note - 2/3 of the American Public hasn't heard of any of these people - is that scary or what? It's no wonder that Republicans are elected - well educated, business types with lots of money get out and vote, along with bible crazed farmers in the "backbone" of America who have been misled into thinking GW is the next Messiah or something. I'm not sure who scares me more - the farmers or the rich businessmen. I do find it interesting that Republicans can speak about "compassionate conservatism", yet aren't any more compassionate towards the middle class and poor than a man in the moon. I find that odd for folks who claim to be "religious" - what are they all - hypocrits? I thought you were supposed to look out for your fellow man.

They all did a good job of bashing Bush - Kerry had some quite humerous remarks and Gephart called him a "miserable failure". Bet he doesn't get invited over to the White House for tea and crumpets anytime soon - although with George, guess that would be barbecue and horseshoes.

Stay tuned - it's only going to get better, especially as Iraq turns uglier (sure to happen), Palistineans and Israelis continue to beat up on each other, the environment falls apart (nice touch with that latest act to allow plants to install new equipment without having to worry about adding clean air components - who were you looking out for there GW? You're not gonna be running 7 minute miles with black lungs buddy.) The list goes on and on -

I still think everyone in this country has the right to bust their butt and earn lots of money - that's the American Dream. But not everybody is gifted intellectually or born with a silver spoon in their mouth or born with the best of health. Why give tax cut money back to the rich? So they can buy a Segway? How bout to those less fortunate? Wouldn't that be the "compassionate" thing to do? Friggin hypocrits!

Until next time....

Thursday, September 04, 2003

 I think Mars passing too close to Earth has messed with my life. My health insurance goes up another 16%, after increases of 20% and 20% the previous 2 years. My new tires on my car won't balance correctly, no matter what I do. My brakes are shot after 10,000 miles. My VCR up and craps yesterday out of the clear blue. My Internet connection only works partly on one of my phone lines now and the phone guys don't give a hoot. Did I say I had herpes? (now Mars will have to get a bit closer before that happens!). Oh, and did I tell you that my arm actually did fall off after the spider and bee stings? Or how about my cat scratching me on my nose and now I have a zit there? I can't wait till the next guest shows up at the Inn - I'm gonna kick 'em down the stairs, I'm so happy! Post your woes here in the comments line - misery loves company. Actually, i won't give a crap about your complaints (Sarah will agree to that), but you will feel better for bitchin' just the same. :)

 Say Ahhh (and Watch the Monitor)

Some cool stuff coming to your nearby dentist! (well for some of you probably - for those of us in the boonies, it's still the string and the doorknob!)

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

 New Message Emerges in Treating Diabetes

So you got diabetes and have been worrying about your glucose readings? Well this report would indicate that you'd better be checking your blood pressure as that may be even a greater threat of giving you a heart attack if you have diabetes. I'm lucky - my blood pressure is around 100/60. (yea! - I finally have something positive going for me! Of course when they give me anesthetic for things like colonscopies and it goes to 60/40, that is not particularly good!). Do you know what your blood pressure is? If it's more than 130/80, you 'd better be figuring out with your endocrinologist how you're gonna lower it. Just another alert from the obsessed one.

Studies show that cardiovascular disease, set off mainly by hypertension, is the leading cause of death among people with diabetes, and two of every three diabetes-related deaths are caused by heart disease or stroke.

Monday, September 01, 2003

 Snap Decisions: Travel Photo Contest 2003 (

Click on the link above to enjoy some travel photo contest winners. Just goes to show you that being observant is the key to interesting photos - often of the most commonplace things (once you're at the page, click on the "Enter Gallery" link to see all the pictures).
 A Bountiful Stock Of Generosity (

For those cynics amongst you, who can't believe a rich person is worth a flip. Just goes to show you the dangers of generalizing. Now if I could just get to know this guy......

Sunday, August 31, 2003

 Word of the day:

The word Bible comes from the Greek biblos, ''book.'' Of Semitic origin, the word was derived from exporting papyrus through the ancient Phoenician port of Byblos, now known as Jubayl, Lebanon.