Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cool Maps

I was reading techie Sarah Lane's blog today (of TechTV fame) and noted that she had commented on . This is a very slick java-based map program. Have a look - slick stuff.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Photo of the Day

hops A picture of early Hops in the gardens at the Fox Hill Inn. For a larger more detailed view, click on the picture. Taken with 20D and 18-55 EFS 3.5-5.6 lens at 1/60th f5.6 iso 200, handheld. Converted from RAW and adjusted in Photoshop CS2. I am finding that this little "kit lens" takes some fine pictures if you work with it. It's extreme light weight makes it very easy to handhold.

HarperCollins Creates Bookstore Hotspots

Harpers Collins will build hotspots at bookstores in innovative approach: Sure, Barnes & Noble and Borders Books have had hotspots for some time now, with Borders claiming the older network. (Barnes & Noble signed its Cometa deal weeks before it shut down; now SBC operates B&N hotspots.)

But HarperCollins's plan will bring Wi-Fi with a HarperCollins splash page to what sounds at least like a wider variety of booksellers and at no cost. It's an interesting move because many bookstores aren't set up to handle people with laptops, and there's always been some concern that access to perfect information in the form of book price comparisons at (or even my own service, would erode on-the-spot impulse buying.

The company said in a press release that they will launch a four-month pilot program, to be announced at this weekend Book Expo America. The publisher is providing free Wi-Fi access at the show. (this article comes to you from WiFiNetNews )

As a side note, if you are interested in learning more about wifi, JiWire now has forums available which can be quite helpful. In addition, if you are concerned about wifi security issues (and you should be), here is an excellent article discussing what you should do now.

Coffeeshop turns off Wi-Fi on Weekends
This is an interesting take on today's culture . Apparently this coffeshop in Seattle decided to turn off free wi-fi on the weekends, because too many "freeloaders" were coming in and setting up shop for the entire day and never buying anything. Conversation also disappeared from the cafe because everyone was just pounding away on their laptops. Apparently this was met with the usual outpouring of hate mail, but many have supported the owner's stand on this issue. Personally, I agree with the owner. If you're going to take up their space, at least support the place by purchasing some of their products. At the same time, I have to agree that it does turn a lively place into a "library-like" setting. In the long run, as free wi-fi takes over cities, perhaps people will find other places to get their wifi "fix" and not turn to a coffeeshop, which is currently often the only place in a city where it is available.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Neat Tip for Photoshop Users

From Photoshop Help Blog comes a nifty little trick to view a picture at 400% and make adjustments while simultaneously seeing how that effects the picture at 100%.

1. Open an image you want to retouch.
2. Choose Window > Arrange > New Window for...
3. A second copy of the image opens.
4. Set the magnification of one to 400% using the Zoom tool.
5. Set the magnification of the other to 100% (Double-click the Zoom tool in the toolbox).
6. Every edit you perform on the 400% version will render automatically in the 100% version.

That should speed things up.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Good Stuff

I should charge for offering up these links as I've had to do all the hard work and you get to enjoy all the benefits! Found a few good sites today that you might want to check out - they'll lead to many other sites and then in short order you will be lost forever and you will curse me.

If you're a photographer, you'll like this list of photo blogs .

If you want to see the best of 2005's blogs, check out the Bloggies . You're bound to find something interesting here.

If you want to see a great collection of blogs, categorized (Education,History, Books, Medical, Politics, Sports,Travel, and many more), check out this page at the Internet Public Library . This will keep you busy for days. How did I find this link? I used Stumble Upon! , which is a neat Extension for the Firefox browser. Just click on the "install now" button and then you can curse me for a few more days as you chase all kinds of web sites across cyberspace.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Photo of the Day

nosy cows A typical SW Virginia springtime mountain scene. Cows are quite the curious beasts. There was only one in the pasture when I got out of the car to take this picture and then more started coming down off the hillsides to check me out. Hillsides are loaded with cinquefoil this time of year (I think that is what those tiny yellow flowers are - I'm sure a reader of this blog will correct me, if I'm wrong). Click on the picture for a larger view.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Danica makes the History books!

Image hosted by A great Indy race today. First time I've watched one beginning to end in awhile. Was eager to see if this knockout Danica Patrick could pull off a miracle and be the first woman to win an Indy 500. And she almost did it! The place was going nuts as she took the lead with 10 laps to go (first woman to ever lead an Indy 500 race), but due to running on mere fumes, had to dial down the boost in her car to finish the race and was passed in the closing laps to finally finish 4th. But what an accomplishment! My hat's off to her - this will make Indy car racing so much more fun to watch in the future. A comment from her when asked if she had made the point that female drivers could compete against men, Patrick quickly said, "I made a hell of a point for anybody, are you kidding me?"