Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Nice Recognition
Had someone publishing a Canadian Atlas for Kids inquire about using one of my Novia Scotia pics in their new forthcoming book. Was happy to agree to that in exchange for a copy of the book and a photographer credit. My first step towards world fame! LOL You can view more of my pics by going to my Pbase site . And you can send me BIG, BIG bucks if you would like to have one!

I notice not too many folks have clicked on the free iPod link - what, you're so rich you don't need free gifts? Well, heck, I'm not ,so sign up so I can get a few free ones and give them to my friends - that's what you'd do, isn't it? hello?

Got around to finally watching "Million Dollar Baby". Good flick - sad ending. Lot of good lessons about loyalty in that flick. Eastwood is amazing - he directs, he produces, he acts, for crying out loud, he even writes the music! Swank is amazing as usual - really throws herself into the part - she would ride the subway everday to Brooklyn to train in Gleason's Gym , just like a real person might - no star treatment there. Janet and I stopped in there this last visit while we were in Brooklyn - just by accident - saw a sign that said "Boxing" and stepped inside, walked up a flight of steps and stumbled into Gleason's! It has been a while since I boxed, so to impress the little lady, I went a few rounds with a couple of the new up and coming studs - flattened their sorry asses after one or two punches and had the rest of the guys running like scared rabbits out of the gym. What can I say? And in this corner......

"Now whoever has courage, and a strong and collected spirit in his breast, let him come forth, lace up his gloves, and put up his hands."

Quote of the Day
I like cottage cheese. That is why I want to try other dwelling cheeses, too. How about studio apartment cheese? Tent cheese? Mobile home cheese? Do not eat mobile home cheese in a tornado. It would be devastating. Mitch Hedberg

Friday, December 16, 2005

Bob Dylan
Did you read that Dylan is going to do a weekly talk show on XM Radio starting in March? That should be a trip - he had better spin a lot of tunes, because nobody's gonna understand anything he's saying. Maybe he'll just fall asleep during the show and the record will just repeat over and over?

Quote of the Day
I have an underwater camera just in case I crash my car into a river, and at the last minute I see a photo opportunity of a fish that I have never seen. - Mitch Hedberg

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well, I'm getting worn out trying to convince my friends (soon to be former friends, no doubt!) to sign up and get themselves a free iPod as well as one for myself. I'm gonna chuckle when I get this thing, cause I'm sure none of them believe it. It's not that big a thing to do and I easily completed the offer in a few minutes. Of course, they make you work at it a bit by dragging you through various offers you just say no to, until you come to the one you have to say yes to, but that's a small price to pay.

But, the wife is hollering about me cranking out an annual Xmas letter - my appointed task - something I would say I look forward to, but really don't. :) But inquiring minds want to know all about our exciting lives on top of the mountain, so I must bless them with a rendition! So my recent obsession with my iPod hunt will have to slow a bit. Although I should be getting my first 3 Blockbuster movies in the mailbox today, so that will suck up 6 hours of time from my Xmas letter writing task. :)

Cell Phones - no contract - anyone using Net10?
Anybody use Net10 out there? I'm thinking of getting an emergency cell phone for those times when I'm traveling and now that Net10 (.10/minute always) has increased the time they allow you per card (up to 60 days on a $30 dollar (300 minute) card) before you have to reactivate by buying another card, the expense isn't all that great. The cheapest phone they have with the deal is the Nokia 1100 for $50 - anybody use this service and can tell me if they like it or not? Supposedly includes roaming, long distance,etc - uses other carriers' towers to accomplish this. I like this deal because there are no contracts and I can quit anytime I want and if I decide to sign up again, I can, but I'll get a different number (no biggie, since nobody's going to call me on this anyway).

Anybody have thoughts on a car that has 4wd or AWD that has a lot of storage space that I could pick up new or used for less than 15K? Want something that gets good gas mileage yet has plenty of room (seats folding down in back to a flat floor) so that the wife can cram it full of art stuff and all the stuff she picks up down at the local flea market so she can create more stuff. Did I say stuff? Have contemplated Hyundai hatchbacks, Subaru Outbacks/Foresters (expensive), Chevy HRRs, PT Pacers - some of those don't have 4wd/AWD which I'd like in the mountains, but I'm not gonna pay a fortune to get it. Don't really want a pickup truck (might look like a local - can't have that! :) - might go for a van if I could find one used with AWD. If you have thoughts, post a comment. No spammers please - just normal folks who might pass on a tip.

Laptops are getting cheaper - saw a nice Toshiba with a Tru-bright screen down at Walmart the other day for $999. Pentium M processor, 80GB (5400rpm) HD, 512mb RAM, Dual-layer DVD burner - not bad. Send me one for Christmas, if you're feeling bored. :)

Free iPod !!
Image hosted by Would you like a free iPod ? I know this sounds crazy, but you really can get one of these if you don't mind jumping through a couple of hoops. What do you do? Click on the free iPod link or on the picture at the left and sign up at FreePay - you have to wade through a bunch of stupid questions and then finally you come to this page where you have to select an offer out of maybe 15 various offerings (Blockbuster movies, Music clubs,etc). Once you sign up for one of these (and yes, you can cancel before your 30 day trial period has elapsed), then you can start referring your own friends. Get 5 friends to sign up and complete an offer and kazaam! - A new Ipod! I'm shooting for the 30GB iPod - so far 3 folks have signed up, so I'm almost there. I signed up for a month's worth of Blockbuster movies delivered to the house - figured for $10, I could probably manage to get and return at least 10 movies within that first month and then I can cancel, should I so choose.

Wondering if there is a catch? Well, really there isn't - you just have to suffer through the various screens and complete the offer. Still dubious? Check out this Wired News Article .