Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Nice Recognition
Had someone publishing a Canadian Atlas for Kids inquire about using one of my Novia Scotia pics in their new forthcoming book. Was happy to agree to that in exchange for a copy of the book and a photographer credit. My first step towards world fame! LOL You can view more of my pics by going to my Pbase site . And you can send me BIG, BIG bucks if you would like to have one!

I notice not too many folks have clicked on the free iPod link - what, you're so rich you don't need free gifts? Well, heck, I'm not ,so sign up so I can get a few free ones and give them to my friends - that's what you'd do, isn't it? hello?

Got around to finally watching "Million Dollar Baby". Good flick - sad ending. Lot of good lessons about loyalty in that flick. Eastwood is amazing - he directs, he produces, he acts, for crying out loud, he even writes the music! Swank is amazing as usual - really throws herself into the part - she would ride the subway everday to Brooklyn to train in Gleason's Gym , just like a real person might - no star treatment there. Janet and I stopped in there this last visit while we were in Brooklyn - just by accident - saw a sign that said "Boxing" and stepped inside, walked up a flight of steps and stumbled into Gleason's! It has been a while since I boxed, so to impress the little lady, I went a few rounds with a couple of the new up and coming studs - flattened their sorry asses after one or two punches and had the rest of the guys running like scared rabbits out of the gym. What can I say? And in this corner......

"Now whoever has courage, and a strong and collected spirit in his breast, let him come forth, lace up his gloves, and put up his hands."

Quote of the Day
I like cottage cheese. That is why I want to try other dwelling cheeses, too. How about studio apartment cheese? Tent cheese? Mobile home cheese? Do not eat mobile home cheese in a tornado. It would be devastating. Mitch Hedberg

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