Sunday, December 05, 2004


What's your bet on Iraq having elections? Bet it's going to turn serious nasty, as if it weren't already. Saw Joe Biden on George Stephanolopus's show today - he said he had just returned from a 4th visit to Iraq - said it was basically a mess. Said we needed more troops in there and that they will have to stay past the elections - that we continously make the mistake of winning a few battles then back off when in reality that is the time to push forward. I agree, but then I like Biden. He isn't worried about getting elected - he shoots straight just like Chuck Hagel. He's one person who I know is not going to be afraid to say what he thinks.

Lot of talk on steroids and sports lately. 20/20 special was quite interesting. Wouldn't want to be Marion Jones or Barry Bonds at the moment. As a sports writer for USA Today said, "even a 5 year old would know Barry is on steroids". Got that right. And for Bonds to say - well, geez, I just thought it was flaxseed oil and some arthritis creme. Geez Barry, when you looked in the mirror and saw that balloon face and huge muscles, you must have thought that was some damn incredible flaxseed oil. You're a joke. I say take all these people down and strip them of all their records. Otherwise these sports will have no credibility, not that they have much now. Kinda hard to root for someone in the Olympics, when you can be pretty sure they're all pumped up, or care about some 25 million dollar a year ballplayer who can only win if he is hopped up.

I can see the next Olympics - "and in lane #1 is Joe Mighty Man. Joe has a good chance today cause he is using Creme#4356 and is taking Steroid#2356, whereas in Lane #2 is Big Bubba Smith, who will probably be at a disadvantage today, seeing that he is using an outdated Creme #4535. These runners are going to have to keep more up to date, if they're going to have a chance to compete." Actually, I think the situation today is probably pretty close to that. We'll see if anybody has the guts to really change the system. I see John McCain is threatening federal intervention if Baseball doesn't do something.