Saturday, November 01, 2003

Antipixel Blog

Added a new blog to the list on the right. Antipixel has some very nice photography and some interesting articles. Very nice site design. Check it out.

Also - Feed Demon has released an updated beta for it's news aggregator. Release candidate 2. Check it out here

Friday, October 31, 2003

What's your guess?

Where does the term "Indian Summer" come from?

As the warm days of summer are replaced with the brisk nip of fall, your question proves the perfect puzzle for us to tackle...  

Well Written Article on the Troubles in Iraq

Broken Baghdad Brutal, Bloody and bellowing

Nice to read a balanced article from time to time. A job well done (imho).

Quote of the day:
"Too bad the only people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair."
George Burns  

And you thought driving with a cell phone was dangerous!

Train traveler's arm stuck in toilet trying to retrieve phone

The world never lacks for bizarre stories!

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Oh, This makes me so Happy!

From the Desk of David Pogue: Customer-Service Cluelessness: "For example, only a month earlier, the same story had played out with our MCI home long-distance service: our plan was supposed to include unlimited, free long-distance calls on the main line. Yet month after month, we were billed for long-distance calls. Month after month, we’d call customer service. “Oh, I’m so sorry; we’ll credit that to your next bill”—and no credit ever appeared. (We finally dumped MCI.)"

I'm so glad I just signed up with MCI! If you're on this plan (and I know someone who reads this, is!), better pay attention to your bill! Good article on the sneakiness of many companies - or is it just an oversight? You be the judge. (You may have to register at the NY Times site to read the article - free).  

Fish Oil and blood sugar

A good day today! Fasting blood sugar this morning of 91! For a long time, had been in the 130's. Despite varying opinions of the effects of large dosages of fish oil (taken for my RA) on blood sugar, for me it seems to be a cause for higher readings. I've recently reduced considerably the amount of fish oil I'm taking and my blood sugar readings are plummeting. Disclaimer - I've also started doing 4 mile walks again at a fast pace and that could be helping as well and my RA is not flaring, so I may try to increase the fish oil again after awhile just to see if my blood sugar again jumps. The mad scientist at work! (Dr. Mercola found that high dosages of fish oil contributed to higher blood sugar readings for his dad, as well and they dropped once he lowered the amount). 

Ato Boldon visits Tech TV!

Ato Boldon - Trinidad and Tobago sprinter
Was watching TechTv this afternoon and was quite surprised to see Ato Boldon talking to Leo. For those of you who don't know him, Ato is one of the world's great sprinters and turns out to be a web junkie. He writes all the info you see on this site and works with a designer in Trinidad to produce it. Pretty cool.  

The Next Michael?

Yahoo! News - James Makes Sparkling Start to Professional Career
LeBron James turned in a tremendous performance in his much-anticipated NBA debut on Wednesday.The 18-year-old James had 25 points, nine assists, six rebounds and four steals in 43 minutes in what was by far the best debut performance of any player making the jump from high school to the professional ranks.

Maybe this guy can be the next Michael without the chip on his shoulder? I wouldn't be surprised. Everytime you think there can't be anyone better, then someone else comes along, no matter whether it is baseball, track and field, basketball - they just keep getting better. (and richer!).  

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Some Pics from Washington DC

Washington, DC Photo Gallery

Haven't had much time to post lately. Have a look at the link above for some random shots I captured while on a recent 3 day trip to the Nation's capitol.  

Monday, October 27, 2003

Al gets in another good one

Democrats in Debate Attack Bush on Iraq, Each Other (
Al Sharpton gets in another good zinger at the most recent Dem debate: "It's about right versus wrong. I said it earlier when we were talking about right to choose: One of the reasons I'm glad to be in this race is we're going to have the battle between the Christian right and the right Christians."

You can count on Al for the best one-liners.