Thursday, October 30, 2003

Fish Oil and blood sugar

A good day today! Fasting blood sugar this morning of 91! For a long time, had been in the 130's. Despite varying opinions of the effects of large dosages of fish oil (taken for my RA) on blood sugar, for me it seems to be a cause for higher readings. I've recently reduced considerably the amount of fish oil I'm taking and my blood sugar readings are plummeting. Disclaimer - I've also started doing 4 mile walks again at a fast pace and that could be helping as well and my RA is not flaring, so I may try to increase the fish oil again after awhile just to see if my blood sugar again jumps. The mad scientist at work! (Dr. Mercola found that high dosages of fish oil contributed to higher blood sugar readings for his dad, as well and they dropped once he lowered the amount). 

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