Thursday, October 30, 2003

Oh, This makes me so Happy!

From the Desk of David Pogue: Customer-Service Cluelessness: "For example, only a month earlier, the same story had played out with our MCI home long-distance service: our plan was supposed to include unlimited, free long-distance calls on the main line. Yet month after month, we were billed for long-distance calls. Month after month, we’d call customer service. “Oh, I’m so sorry; we’ll credit that to your next bill”—and no credit ever appeared. (We finally dumped MCI.)"

I'm so glad I just signed up with MCI! If you're on this plan (and I know someone who reads this, is!), better pay attention to your bill! Good article on the sneakiness of many companies - or is it just an oversight? You be the judge. (You may have to register at the NY Times site to read the article - free).  

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