Thursday, August 28, 2003

Lots of problems with the ol' blog today. Not sure if it is Blogger, the comments line server or what. Guess it will work itself out in time.

Was watching the 2003 World Track Championships today on TV - a guy won the 50K walk (about 30 miles) with an average time of 6:38 per mile. Hell, I couldn't even RUN 1 mile in 6:38 - heck I'd be lucky to break 8 minutes probably. Some of these guys make it look easy like one of the GODS of track and field - Hicham el Guerrouj of Morrocco. He loafed in his qualifying heat for the 5000 meters - he is trying to combine this with the 1500 meters at the World Championships (he has already won the Gold Medal in the 1500) - something that has not been accomplished since Paavo Nurmi in the 1924 Olympic Games. One comment made during the telecast was that, when interviewed about the effects of running at lower altitudes vs the 8,000 foot altitudes he trains at, he suggested it was akin to having a garden hose shoved down your throat with pure oxygen being pumped in. Needless to say, that is a slight advantage over your fellow runners who train at lower altitudes.

If you're interested in the World Track Championships, they're airing on ESPN2 afternoons and then on ABC this weekend.

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