Saturday, October 18, 2003

Hoofin' it with Vindigo

Recently spent 3 days in Washington,DC prowling around checking out museums,coffee shops,etc. Made good use of a program called Vindigo which works with a Palm Pilot (or in my case a Handspring Visor). You can download maps of any major city into your Palm Pilot and then just tell it where you are and it will show you a map with an X on it for where you are at that very moment. Then, let's say you're hungry and want to check out a restaurant. You just click on restaurants and choose whether you want to see them listed by distance (1/2, 1, or 2 miles), or by rating, or by cost. Once you've selected one (they're a hundreds listed and they are even categorized by food type), you just click on it. The map will then show you with an x where it is and you can tell where it is in location to where you currently are.

But it gets even better. You just click on "Directions" and it tells you how to walk there (works just as well for driving). Now that is slick. It's highly accurate, kept us from ever being lost and led us to all kinds of places we wouldn't have normally heard about.

It will also list all the current movies playing, where the theaters are , and how to get to each of them.

If you have a GPS unit with you, you can even enable it and it will show you where you are on the map as you walk along.

You can "synch" it with your computer before heading off to the city, to make sure it has the latest info. By synching, I mean you can hook up the palm pilot to your desktop and then it will connect to the Vindigo site where it downloads the very latest info into your handheld device. That is essential to make sure you have the correct movie times, museum times,etc.

For $20/year, it's a great deal and the best app I have on my Handspring Visor.Here's a few screen shots of what it looks like:


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