Friday, January 30, 2004

Gentle Debate

The Dems snoozed through their debate last night, with only Dean taking a gentle jab at Kerry. Sharpton was his usual witty self. With 40% of the electorate being black in S.Carolina, I suspect he is going to hurt Edwards by pulling votes away. "It is a shame that you will take young men and young women from South Carolina, send them abroad, they die under one American flag, they have to come home and live under two flags," he said. "You don't send Confederate flags with us to Iraq. Don't wave them in Greenville. Don't wave them in Columbia." (the debate took place in Greenville,SC, also a county that doesn't recognize Martin Luthur King Day, something which probably only Reverend Al knew, compared to the other candidates).

Edwards has said that if he doesn't win there, he's quitting. Some of the others should be so wise (Lieberman, Kucinich, and maybe Clark).

Quote of the day:
As long as President Bush is willing to go to the moon I think we should send him.”
Viewer’s comment to Texas Cable News after Bush’s announcement 

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