Sunday, February 08, 2004

What is going on in the World?

CBS 2: Books Plot Rise Of Righteous Army I saw this scary show on 60 minutes tonight. Boy, first listening to GW and now having to listen to evangelical Christians tell me I am doomed to hell on earth - think it's time to move to that Carribean Island and disappear forever from this madness! It just seem so incredible that someone could be so arrogant as to believe that their way is the only way. Tough luck to all you Jews, Muslims, heathens, Aborigines,etc - unless some Missionary has come to save your sorry soul, you are DOOMED. It's a good thing I just laugh at these folks, but it is truly frightening that 70 MILLION Americans feel this way. It's hardly a wonder that Bush gets their votes since he is one of them.

"That's what the Bible teaches. There are gonna be many Southern Baptists, for example, or many Presbyterians, or many Catholics, or people who are a part of Christendom,? says Ice. ?But if they haven't personally trusted Jesus Christ as their savior, even if they ? a lifelong member of a church, you know, then they will be damned.?

?And so, with the White House, and Tom DeLay, and in the House of Representatives, the attorney general ? talk radio, the conservative Fox News, all that sort of thing, these are parts of the righteous army that has finally come into its own.?

Late Breaking News - Pilot reportedly promoted Christianity on flight

VOTE DEMOCRATIC - STOP THE MADNESS! (if it were only so easy - think the move to the island is a better plan)  

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