Wednesday, April 14, 2004

MacDonald's Wireless Plan

MacDonald's is bringing wi-fi to the masses. Another way to sell a burger. "McDonald's plans to charge customers $2.95 for a two-hour wireless Internet connection, with other pricing options available from Wayport, including a $29.95 monthly plan that will give subscribers unlimited use of all locations in the Wayport network. Service options available via roaming partners will be announced soon. "

I guess I wonder if someone really wants to sit in a MacDonald's for 2 hours? Hardly the ambiance of a nice coffeehouse. And if I just spent $3 to sign on, I'm not going to want to just grab my email and leave. Personally, I think it should just be a free ad-on, like a number of Schlotsky stores offers. I wonder if MacDonald's will also be offering some sort of wet-wipes so that you can clean the grease off your keyboard when you're done? Lord knows, there will be enough on there.

Krispy Kremes RULE!
Who's worrying about trans-fats? Not Hawaiians! The folks in Hawaii are on their own personal suicide mission. Either the planes will crash from too many donuts, or they'll die from clogged arteries. Suspect it would be a better death going down in the plane with 2 or 3 of the sugar bombs tucked away in each cheek.


Hawaii residents love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts so much that they often stock up at a new store in Maui before boarding inter-island flights back home, overloading airline luggage bins along the way.
"The locals bring so many boxes of doughnuts on board that we can't always fit them on our flights. Some people will put five or six boxes in an overhead bin," says Mark Dunkerley, president of Hawaiian Airlines .
Hawaii's first Krispy Kreme store opened on Jan. 27 in Maui, less than a mile from Kahului Airport.
Doughnut shops are sprinkled liberally across the Hawaiian islands. But the novelty of a major chain, combined with the widespread custom of "omiage," a Japanese word that refers to the custom of bringing gifts home to family and friends, have given rise to the commuter doughnut.
On the day the Maui store opened, a Kauai police officer bought doughnuts for his entire department, then hopped on a plane for the short flight home, Krispy Kreme spokeswoman Tina McNealey said.

I thought it was interesting to hear the pundits talk about GW's press conference last night. Can't believe how nice some of these guys are. One former Reagan person on Charlie Rose, thought he hit a "home run". Somehow, this guy must have never played baseball. It's called "3 Strikes and you're OUT, bubba" !!

You might want to take a look at Fareed Zakariah's recent article in Newsweek. At least somebody has some concrete suggestions! "The date, June 30, is less important than the entity to which power is transferred. If that new government is seen as an American puppet, then challenges to it will persist, and America will find itself propping up an unpopular local regime that is doomed to fail. And that dilemma reminds one not of the British in Iraq, but of the United States in Vietnam. "

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