Thursday, May 27, 2004

Blogger Mania

Surely, this isn't a disease? Hmmm....maybe it is. ""It seems as if his laptop is glued to his legs 24/7," Ms. Matthews said of her husband." Obviously, we of the Blogger mind are sick puppies. But, if you're reading this, then your life must be as tiny as mine and that is quite comforting. LOL

Expression of the Day
SMS(Short Message Service) A text message service that enables short messages of generally no more than 140-160 characters in length to be sent and transmitted from a cellphone. SMS was introduced in the GSM system and later supported by all other digital-based mobile communications systems. Unlike paging, but similar to e-mail, short messages are stored and forwarded at SMS centers, which means you can retrieve your messages later if you are not immediately available to receive them. SMS messages travel to the cellphone over the system's control channel, which is separate and apart from the voice channel.

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