Thursday, May 13, 2004

Paranoids Need Not Apply

I find this article in the Times interesting in regards to Google's new email program. People get so freaked out over some of these privacy issues, when their privacy can be invaded by a number of other ways, as the article points out. Sounds like a pretty nice service to me - if you're that paranoid, I have a suggestion for you - toss that computer in the dumpster and return to snail mail. As the author points out, these are robots using artificial intelligence to scan emails for ad opportunities, not humans. Darn, and here I thought Google was gonna be hiring me to spend all day reading emails - wonder how many I could get through in a day? Bet Google would sure have to hire a lot of folks to do that!

Looking for a neat DOF(depth of field) application? Check out this one (you will need javascript enabled)