Thursday, June 17, 2004

Hmmm... Does our Nation have its own case of Alzheimers?

I, myself, was surprised at all the gushing over Ronald Reagan during the past few days on television and in the news. Perhaps one should take a look at his "real" record. Makes one pause. I'm sure Ronnie might have been a "Great Communicator" in his younger days, but I sure didn't see much sign of it during his presidency.

Ron Jr.
Did you pick up on the comment by Ron Reagan at the funeral ceremony in California? I thought at the time - oh, boy that will get them a talking! And it appears it has.

It is rather astonishing how the world can continually snooze over these mass genocides. Rwanda and now western Sudan. Bunch of crazy Arab militia backed by a nutty government out to eradicate all black people. I would think 320,000 killed would wake up a few people - our 1000 or so soldiers in Iraq who have been killed in our own nutty war seems to pale against those numbers. Yet, how often, do we hear about those dying every day in Darfur? If you listen to the BBC World News, you'll hear about it, but you'll be hard pressed to hear about it here. At least Nicholas Kristoff of the Times gets the message out here. Watch his editorial for a follow up. "The Bush administration says it is exploring whether to describe the mass murder and rape in the Darfur region of Sudan as "genocide." I suggest that President Bush invite to the White House a real expert, Magboula Muhammad Khattar, a 24-year-old widow huddled under a tree here."

Bitter at the Top
Brooks writes an interesting article in the Times about the differences between the educated classes and how they vote. Business Managers to the Right - Teachers to the Left. THe Black and White thinkers are hired to make decisions and any waffling will hold up the financial juggernaut. Unfortunately, that black and white thinking doesn't always work for the long haul and leads to heading down the wrong path, something we have seen all too many times in the recent past , both with companies and with our elected govt officials. Failing to understand the subtleties and nuances of situations leads to this. I think the "thinkers" can look down the road a bit further and understanding the nuances, can see better where some of our actions will lead. But they have a hell of a time making a decision, because of all the subletities. Thus, the conundrum. Must be why I lean left - never could stand all those business types who wanted to see everything in black and white cause it was easier and quicker than really thinking about all the consequences. I've worked with many a black and whiter - thanks, but no thanks. Probably why it was so always so hard for me to fire someone - always could find some redeeming quality in a person. :) Brooks is a Republican as you will probably note, if you read closely.

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