Friday, September 03, 2004

Heads in the Sand

Hope you all had the chance to view the ludicrous display of false hope on display at the Republican Convention. Too bad they didn't have some of the honesty of John McCain, who "When asked this week on CNN how long the U.S. military is likely to remain in Iraq, Senator John McCain replied "probably" 10 or 20 years. "That's not so bad," he said, adding, "We've been in Korea for 50 years. We've been in West Germany for 50 years." As Frank Hebert in the Times reports, "Despite all the macho posturing and self-congratulating at the Republican convention, the wave of terror that's been unleashed on the world is only growing. The American-led war in Iraq is feeding that wave, causing it to swell rather than ebb."

Paul Krugman remarks on the attacks on George Soros in his column today - "The suggestion that Mr. Soros, who has spent billions promoting democracy around the world, is in the pay of drug cartels came from Dennis Hastert, the speaker of the House, whom the Constitution puts two heartbeats from the presidency. After standing by his remarks for several days, Mr. Hastert finally claimed that he was talking about how Mr. Soros spends his money, not where he gets it.

The claim that Mr. Soros's political spending is driven by his desire to legalize heroin came from Newt Gingrich. And the bit about the Holocaust came from Tony Blankley, editorial page editor of The Washington Times, which has become the administration's de facto house organ."

Now I understand why Bill Clinton always thought the Republicans were out to get him.

I still find it unfathomable how Americans can thing George Bush offers a "safer" America. Have Americans had mass lobotomies lately? How does attacking a country that was not a current danger to us and enciting half the terroists in the world, produce a "safer" America? Hell, half the world hates our guts now - that's making us safer? Sorry, but if you vote for George Bush, you deserve to be the first person on board for the next deployment to God knows where and you can count on there being another deployment. Remember - God is calling on George to bring "American" freedom to all the heathens of the world, which in George's world, is everybody other than the USA.

And as for Zell Miller - they should do to him what they did during the French Revolution - put his head on a spike. Crazy ol' geezer.

I also liked how George Bush slammed Hollywood last night. All in the spirit of "inclusion"! Glad to know he is the leader of "all of us" - ha!

Breaking News
NY Times reporting that Bill Clinton has had a heart attack and is in NY Hospital undergoing tests. Probably listening to the Republican Convention did it.

Update - An angiogram given to Clinton revealed "significant blockage," said a Democratic official, who had discussed the condition with the former president's staff. It did not appear that Clinton suffered a heart attack, he said. Both sources spoke on condition of anonymity.

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