Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Final Score:

Evangelicals - 1
Science (Rational Thought) - 0

What can I say? Once again we have elected the non-reading President - absolutely astonishing that in such critical times, we would elect someone who has to have his news delivered to him.

Bin Laden must be dancing in the streets. His recruitment rolls have probably just jumped a good 50%. 51% of Americans have equated the bluff of "standing up to them" with strength - they're blind to the fact that it increases hatred for us. Think this country can go it alone in the world? Think again. Do you like tossing billions and billions into Iraq yearly with no help from others? Well - get used to it.

To my friends in Europe - my sincere apologies - 51% of us are idiots. The other 49% are headed your way.

From David Corn's blog - "There was a clear difference between the two candidates. They disagreed on many basic issues. But--perhaps more importantly--they represented vastly different ways of engaging the world. One has adopted an ask-no-questions, nevermind-the- nuances, don't-look-back, tough-guy style of leadership. The other promised to consider and reach out before leaping. One said--practically boasted--that he read no newspapers. The other came across as a man who absorbed much information before rendering a decision. The voters chose the wrong man.

Are the Democrats not in tune with America? Why can't they make the poor of this country realize that they have just voted for more billionaires' tax cuts? Do we need to pander to the Religious Right just to get their vote? The heartland of the country has once again shot themselves in the foot, thinking that "morals" (note the quotes, as GW has no morals) is the only issue. Yet I ask these folks - how moral is it to kill 100,000 Iraqis in an unjustified war? How moral is it to deny people the right to marry whom they want? How moral is it to turn down the Brady Bill? How moral is it to drill for oil in some of the few remaining unspoiled areas when the results will help us only a few years? How moral is it to give fat cats huge tax cuts while the hard working lower and middle classes get paltry little sums. The fat cat gets a $100,000 tax break and the little guy gets $1000 . Yeh, that seems fair. We run up massive deficits only because you want to make your rich friends richer? That's morality? Those are not my moral values.

I should make a note here that I don't oppose people being spiritual beings, as I am a believer in a spiritual being as well. I don't believe the Church is where I find this being, but I respect your belief if that is where you find him/her/it. I'm just disturbed that these evangelical beliefs are so dominating in many people's lives and are beginning to intrude in the political,business,and everyday spheres of this country where I for one don't want to see them. Apparently many do. However when people start asking me if I've been saved, that's going way too far. (especially when their actions make them out to be hypocrites). You are then in my space and I don't want you there.

I have often wondered what happens to people who are not Christians - do they just descend to some flaming hell because they believe in a different entity? Obviously Christians in this country think so, because they have to send missionaries out to convert these "savages" at every chance. I'm sure it never occurs to them that perhaps the way these people believe is just as good as the way they (the Christians) choose to believe. It's like trying to foist our brand of democracy on everyone else in the world. Sure, we have a free country (well, it was free about 4 years ago), but that doesn't mean our form of democracy is the only form that can exist. Iraq, for one, may need something entirely different. You ever watch the Apprentice on TV? What is the reaction of most of the other players, when one particular person dominates the discussion and pushes his plan through without input from the others or respect for their ideas? They all backstab the leader and hate his or her guts. Not much different from pushing yourself around in the world either, is it? And folks, in case you haven't noticed it, we seem to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to respect lately.

I find it interesting that the gay marriage amendment was smacked down overwhelmingly in 11 states. The message to Gays - "we'll let you on the bus, but move your ass to the back". Thank God , we Americans are not frightened by those who are different than "us". It probably explains why we have such an excellent understanding of the peoples of other countries. That piece of paper telling two people who are in love with each other that they can be married is certainly a horrendous danger to our "free" society. Red Alert! Red Alert! Marriages as we know them, will dissolve immediately! All families will turn into raging homosexuals! Yes, these are the positive messages the Republican Party is bringing us - such compassion. (not that Republicans are the only ones who are scared of this terrible menace).

And who said bodybuilders had no brains? Seems like Arnold's gang did the only smart thing - they voted for stem cell funding. Good for you Arnold - someone who votes on their convictions rather than pandering always to the party line.

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