Thursday, November 11, 2004


Glossy laptop screens
Has anybody bought one of those new Tru-Brite screen laptops? I'd be curious to see what you think of the glare in a home setting. I was at BestBuys the other day, checking out the new Toshiba Qosmio and I must say the screen was fabulous but lots of reflecting lights in it from the store lights. A number of laptop makers are now including these type screens, so I'd be interested in your comments, if you have one.

Gigs for your Camera
Feeling brave? Check out this page. You can buy a Rio Carbon 5 Gig music player and strip it to harvest the microdrive lurking inside and then use that in your high end digital camera. The Rio goes for $199 so quite the deal, if you're up to the challenge.

1 Gig SD Drive for your Camera/Palm Pilot/Pocket PC
These things just keep getting cheaper. Check out Amazon's site for a 1 Gig Sandisk SD card for $59 after rebate. With this baby, and your palm pilot, Ipod, or Pocket PC, you can store a whole lotta books from You could go on a 3 month vacation and never run out of books! :)

1 Gig Jump Drive
Need one of those handy little keychain USB drives to carry around, so that you always have the files you need? Dell has a Lexar 1 Gig JumpDrive for $41 after rebates, with free shipping. That's a steal for sure. That's like carrying around over 700 floppies on your keychain! :)

DVD Player bargain
Here's a DVD player that is dirt cheap and in hot demand because it will play anything! $62 shipped free! Check out the user comments. If you're still playing around with VHS tapes, now's the time to climb on board!

Firefox has now been upgraded from 1.0PR (pre-release) to the official 1.0 version . Get the best browser on the Net.

Zone Alarm (Free version) is now up to Version . Get the best firewall there is. If you're operating without a firewall, you're an Idiot. :)

Losing Common Sense
ABC affiliates pulling 'Private Ryan' This is hard to believe. I called my brother out in Arizona to tell him it was on, figuring that he probably hadn't seen it- well, he isn't going to see it tonight either - preempted. The reasons are ludicrous. Fortunately, Virginia doesn't appear to be that ass backwards. This is the best war film you will see and certainly brings home the horror and sacrifice of war, something that the Public needs to be more aware of, in these times of Mr. Trigger Happy.


Indexes YTD

Dow               -.65%
Nasdaq         +1.56%
S&P 500        +6.04%

Web Site of the Day Looking for a special used book that may be out of print? Well, you've come to the right place. I was looking up old copies of the Baseball Joe series written around 1912 and voila - they're here! Also was looking for a kids book written in 1940 called Sunstar and Pepper,Scouting with Jeb Stuart - yep, found about 7 copies of it.

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