Friday, December 03, 2004

The GPS made me do it!

An elderly motorist driving along a 130km/h expressway in eastern France caused a crash when he followed the advice of his onboard GPS computer - and made a U-turn.

Police said the hapless 78-year-old driver, who was not named, and the occupants of the vehicle he ran into escaped unharmed from the collision on Sunday, but it could have been much worse.

The man told officers his car GPS had told him to "make a U-turn immediately" as he drove along lost near the town of Nancy in search of a hotel.

He did so, not realising the limitations of his satellite navigation device, which guides using verbal directions.

"It's not the first time we've had a GPS incident," one of the officers said, recalling the time a police vehicle found itself face-to-face with a motorist going the wrong way in accordance with his computer's instructions.

A nice extension comes from Mike Chambers at this site for those of you using Firefox's browser. It adds a Search Engine which will search the Edgadget Blog , a blog which has been nominated for Best Tech Blog of 2004.

I see they're again considering an amendment to let folks like Arnold run for President. I say, why not? These folks probably worked harder at becoming a citizen, then many of us natural born citizens. Heck, anybody who wants to take on that monumental task, should have the opportunity if they want it. What's your opinion?

The Apprentice - Did you catch last night's show? What did you think of Ivana dropping her skirt to sell chocolate bars at $20 a pop? I thought it amusing that Donald's older sidekick thought she showed gumption (he probably just liked the show!). Donald's other sidekick, the cold bitch from hell, of course disapproved of it. Ivana screwed up by doing it cause I think Donald would have fired Kevin for undercutting the price to a $1 just to sell the bars. She's a better apprentice than Kevin, but she showed off her "loose canon" side on this episode and that will cook you every time. Personally, I think Andy would have been Donald's best bet, but he was simply too young. None of the remaining players impress me.

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