Monday, May 16, 2005

2005 Webby Awards Announced

It was interesting to see who won the Webbys (Online Oscars) this year. A few I noted with interest

  • Etrade Financial - Where I do my online banking

  • Flickr - Webby Breakout of the Year Award - where I keep some of my photos

  • Boing Boing- Winner of Best Blog A blog I read.

  • The Merck Manual - Winner in Health

  • - IT Hardware/Software Winner

  • - Winner in the Magazine Category One of my daily reads.

  • BBC OneMusic - Webby Award in Music

  • BBC News - Webby Award in News

  • The Guardian - Webby Award for Best Newspaper

  • Weapons of Misdirection - Webby for Politics

  • Chipotle - Webby for Best Restaurant Site Very Creative Site - Love it!

  • School of Visual Arts Web Site - Webby for Best School Site

  • Ten by Ten - Webby for Best Navigation/Structure Very Cool - check this one out.
  • - Best Personal Web site

  • Word Count - Webby for Arts Another very nifty site

  • For a complete list with nominees, visit the Webby Awards Site . Lot of good surfing opportunities there. Enjoy - and leave a comment below if you have a particular site that you think is awesome.

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