Sunday, May 01, 2005

Ah, coffee time!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI've been a fan of Starbucks since I first set foot in one of their early stores in Seattle. Sure wish I had grabbed up that stock - I actually thought about it as you could tell back then that these folks had a great idea. (I did buy it later and held on for about 3 years while generating a nice yearly 30% return). If you get the chance, check out Howard Schulz's (the founder of Starbucks) autobiography . It's a great read.

Here's an article that will tell you a bit more about the Starbucks process. I think you will find it interesting. If you're a total Starbucks nut, then check out the Starbucks blog .

And less you think everbody is a Starbucks fan, well guess again. From the blog above comes this cute little story - Jack Horner describes her: "Thursday morning, I was standing at Starbucks awaiting my grande nonfat no-whip mocha when a stylishly coiffed 30-something woman with coffee stains all over her summer khakis stormed into the middle of the store, threw up her hands and staccato screeched at the baristas, How ... about ... making sure ... the lid is on?! She then stomped outside, steered her car onto the front sidewalk, jumped out with the remaining coffee and hurled the entire cup at the Starbucks front door. And then she was gone." For more on customer rage, click on the Jack Horner link above.


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