Friday, May 27, 2005

Green Valley Book Fair

I've been gone for a few days visiting the Green Valley Book Fair in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Janet had read about this and we decided to head that way to see if there were any good book bargains. Whew! I'd say so. Bought a big thick volume on XP Home with SP2 info included (published 2005), which sold new at Barnes and Nobles for $44.95. I got it new at Green Valley for $15. Nabbed an AmPhoto book on Color Management by Tim Gray for $15 (retail $44.95). Got a copy of the adventure "Touch the Top of the World" (story of a blind man climbing the world's highest peaks) for $1.99 (retail $23.95). The list goes on and on. :) I won't say how much we spent, suffice it to say that we decided to skip staying another night in a motel to save some money and came home a day early. LOL If you're in Central VA, check this place out. It's out in the country just south of Harrisonburg, VA (exit 240 on I-81).

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