Friday, June 24, 2005

A busy few days

If you've wondered where I've disappeared to, it was 30th wedding anniversary time, so the wife and I headed for Asheville, NC for a stay at a nice lodge and a few days touring old familiar sites and enjoying a few nice restaurants. Janet spied a 50% off deal on a $40 book ath the Visitors Center that got you 2 for 1 meals at many restaurants and some of the very nicest restaurants in Asheville. This slick move on her part saved us a lot of money over a few days - made it affordable to eat at some of the nice restaurants. Had a very nice dinner at the Boathouse on Lake Julian .

Took in a German movie at the Fine Arts Theater (english subtitles) called "The Downfall" (der Untergang in German), which outlined the final days in Hitler's bunker. Nominated for an Academy Award, it is an awesome portrayal of the final days in the Bunker, and in particular an incredible portray of Hitler himself by Bruno Ganz. (Goebbel's wife was one steely-eyed tough number, herself). I can't imagine anyone looking more like Hitler who could have played the part better. If you get the chance, see this movie. Up there with "Das Boot" and "Saving Private Ryan". You may have to look for it in the "fine arts" movie theaters.

On a brighter note, made our usual pilgramage to one of Asheville's finest arts and crafts gallery, the New Morning Gallery . They have added on additional rooms that display some incredible interior design talent. If you ever wanted a living room or bedroom decked out in an artistic manner, then you should come and look at these displays. Blew us away. Some great talent and artisanship on display here. Better have a fat wallet when you utilize one of these design themes.

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