Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kite Runner

Finished this audio book today. What can I say? Read it - better yet - listen to it since it is read by the author himself (an Afghan, now living in the U.S). Not only is it a great story, but you learn some history of Afghanistan, the Taliban - this book is up there with Life of Pi, Secret Life of Bees,etc. You can the read basic plot summary if you look below in the posting I made earlier about this book. #3 on the NY Times Paperback Fiction list and listed now for 41 weeks.

Incidentally, I noticed that Washington's Crossing by David Hackett Fischer, which I recently finished, was listed as one of the 10 best books for 2004 by the Times. Also on the list was Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton. That's my next listen. That's a long one - 37 hours.

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