Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mucous Recovery System?

While watching the Dolans yesterday on CNN, there was a discussion about health care costs and some of the crazy charges that one finds on their bill. How about $30 for a box of Kleenex - listed under "Mucous Recovery System". God, I love bureaucrats.

Photos of the Day

Decided I had spent enough time surfing the Net today, so grabbed the camera and headed outside. (Besides, after the post above, thought you needed something more pleasant to dwell on. :) The winds were beginning to pick up as we got the fringes of Dennis, but was able to grab a few quick shots before it became impossible. Usually need a tripod for these shots, but bees are quick moving so I often find it necessary to pump up the ISO and shutter speed and cross my fingers. Click the picture for the full sized image.

Here's a macro of a day lily that I liked for its simplicity and brilliant colors. (click for full sized image)

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