Monday, October 17, 2005

Wie disqualified - Sox Win!

Michelle Wie was disqualified from her 4th place finish in her first pro tournament on Sunday. Apparently during the 3rd round, she had an unplayable lie and upon dropping the ball, placed it inadvertently 3" (her estimate) to 12" (rules officials' estimates) closer to the hole - a no-no in golf. A Sports Illustrated reporter watching this mentioned it after the tournament to rules officials and upon going back to the hole and having Michelle and her caddy point out where the ball was originally and where she dropped it, the rules officials gave her the heave ho. What a way to start your pro career. Read more about it at the Sports Illustrated site . Needless to say, Michelle was less than happy about this. (The reporter could have reported it during the 3rd round when it happened and before she signed her scorecard and she wouldn't have been disqualifed - sounds like a reporter trying to make a name for himself, if you ask me - bunch of crap). However, you can read another opinion of the sportswriter's actions here

The Sox powered into the World Series behind fabulous pitching last night. First time since 1959 - too bad they couldn't win it on their home field - place would have gone crazy. Maybe they'll get that chance in the World Series. Looking like they will probably play Houston for the World Series.

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