Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Image hosted by Turkey Day coming! Are you ready? Looking for some last minute recipes? Check out Dizzy Girl's site . Still not finding what you are craving? Give these recipes for sweet potato pie, blueberry cobbler and dutch apple pie a try - I can vouch for them - they were my mom's specialities - especially that sweet potato pie!


Midlife98 said...

I can vouch for the cobbler. It IS out of this world.

Gennie said...

Thanks for the link and the comment. :)

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Whereabouts in VA are you? I'm originally from WV.

ATHiker95 said...

hmmm... now midlife's comment has me puzzling - although I think I have a good idea who midlife is. As for gennie, I'm located up in the mountains of SW VA - country that looks like a lot of WV.