Monday, January 02, 2006

Browsing Tip
Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy brother reminded me that I could save an extra 1.57% of purchases at, simply by using the A9 search engine . All you need to do is browse there for a few days and then the next time you visit Amazon, you'll notice the symbol to the left appearing next to the word Amazon. Give it about 3 days to appear. Once there, you're good for that extra percent off. Can't beat that. It even works if you've gone through Ebates first - better yet

The Critics
Stumbled across a new web site that is worth bookmarking - If you want the latest Movie Reviews, DVD Reviews, TV Reviews, Music Reviews, Book Reviews and Game Reviews, this is the place to visit.

Goodyear Viva Tires
For those of you who keep looking up Goodyear Visa tires in Google and finding this web site, well I can tell you that they lasted me about 40,000 miles on a '92 Accord. Their life came to an abrupt end when I slid my car into the back end of a van and totalled it. I wasn't going very fast, but the pavement was wet and when I slammed those brakes, I slid about 65' with no grabbing whatsoever. There was still tread on the tires , more so in the middle, than on the edges, but I think tires get less "sticky" with age, tending to harden and lose their grip. These tires are warrantied for 80K - sorry, but that's a pipedream. It's another reason it pays to keep your original receipt in the glove box, so when you head back to swap them out, you can get the next set for 1/2 off (or better yet, buy some Michelins - just not the Symmetry - didn't have much luck with that tire either). Next time I think I'll give Bridgestone Potenzas a try.

New Firefox Extensions?
Looks like there might be a new Peer to Peer extension forthcoming for Firefox - Bloggers appear excited over this new feature, believing it will encourage more and more folks to switch to Firefox. Read more about it in this ZDnet article .

If you're into blogging, there is also a new Firefox extension for that as well - "Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox. Just hit F8 or click the little pencil icon at the bottom right to bring up the blog editor and easily post to your Wordpress, MovableType or Blogger blogs." You can read more about it at Performancing for Firefox . I haven't tried this out yet, but plan to.

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