Wednesday, September 17, 2003

 The car saga continues. Drove to town again (just love these constant drives over the mountains) to get my new rebuilt caliper put on. Got the car up, the wheel off, and after a 30 minutes wait for the part to arrive (why wasn't the part there already???), discover that the parts people sent a caliper for the front wheel, not the rear and of course they are different. And naturally the parts people won't have a new one until tomorrow. So the owner offers me his pickup to drive home, so I am now sitting with a Ford Ranger in the driveway.

Interesting thing is that nobody apologizes to me. They never seem to , no matter how inconvenienced I am. I've noticed that out here in SW VA - apologies are almost never given no matter how crappy the service. Wonder if that is particular to this region or folks are just going to hell these days?

Needless to say, think it is about time to move on to the next shade tree mechanic....

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