Sunday, September 14, 2003

 Well, I learned something new in the blogging world today. Learned how to install "Permanent Links" to each post, so that if you want to talk about a particular post in the archives for instance (or even on the main page), you can just right click on the word "Permanent Link" at the bottom of each post, and select "Copy Shortcut" and then when you send that link to someone and they click on it, it will take them directly to that particular post and not just the main page of my blog. Pretty cool - that's a lot like "named anchors" if you write your own html script.

Did you catch Dick Cheney on Meet the Press this morning? If not, here's the transcript. He was doing his best to dodge all the bullets - you can be the judge of what he had to say. He definitely seems to see things through "rose colored" glasses (progress in Iraq just moving right along, except for a few little isolated instances - whew, not sure I'd go that far), but I do wonder myself when we're talking about WMD, why Saddam just didn't cooperate with the UN and invite them in if he didn't have anything. Would have gotten sanctions lifted, avoided the war,etc. Cheney seems to think that in the long run, evidence will turn up. On this point (and it's about the only point), I tend to agree. We shall see, but it may take a few years....

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