Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Yahoo! News - Davis Out, Schwarzenegger Wins in Calif.

 Yahoo! News - Davis Out, Schwarzenegger Wins in Calif.: "'We have tough choices ahead,' Schwarzenegger said in declaring victory. 'The first choice that we must make is the one that will determine our success. Shall we rebuild our state together or shall we fight amongst ourselves, create even deeper divisions and fail the people of California? Well, let me tell you something — the answer is clear. For the people to win, politics as usual must lose.' "

Well all I have to say is that it sure will be interesting. Can politics as usual lose? That would be a first. But it will be great to see someone who is not an old time politician bring some fresh insights (assuming he has some) to the game.

And for the Republicans who are crowing over this victory? Well perhaps they should heed the warning of Leon Panetta -

"But the recall was more than a message to Davis, said former Clinton White House chief of staff Leon Panetta, who called it a warning shot to all officeholders.

"It's a revolt of people who are increasingly angry at the crises that face them, and at the failure of leadership," Panetta said. "If I were a Republican, I wouldn't get too cocky about what happened."

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