Sunday, May 02, 2004

i9900 Arrives!

The long awaited Canon i9900 inkjet , delivering borderless 13x19 prints has arrived. It can knock one of those out in just 3 minutes. 8 ink tanks (they added red and green to the usual 6) . 2 picoliter droplets. Requires Service Pack 1 for Windows XP to utilize the high speed usb 2.0 interface. You can get it delivered from Page Computers for $437. (Retail is $499 + shipping). You can also get it for a similar price if you get it from and use the 2% savings you would get from being a member of Ebates. Please leave a comment if you need to know my shipping address, as you will probably be eager to send me one as a gift.

Recently enjoyed "Kill Bill" and "Master and Commander" on DVD. Both with awesome surround sound (I was actually ducking this nasty fly that I couldn't seem to find during "Kill Bill", when I finally realized it was coming out of the speaker just behind me - now that was pretty funny). Kill Bill was smack full of action and loaded with lots of good "spraying blood" scenes - typical Quentin Tarintino . The lovely Uma Thurman was so very cool in this movie. Russell Crowe was good in Master and Commander, although I missed the fabulous old English accent of Patrick Tull in the audiobook version. Great action scenes though - totally deafening with cannonballs crashing all around you at close range.

Camera Review
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Quote of the Day
"It matters not whether you win or lose; what matters is whether I win or lose."
Darrin Weinberg

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