Sunday, May 30, 2004

Open Source our Electronic Voting Machines!

Along comes an excellent idea to take the electronic voting machine debate out of the hands of the private companies (which can be bought and paid for) and post it on the Net as "open source" code. That way anybody can inspect it and discover the bugs and create an electronic system that really works. Read the article to learn more.

Political Polls
In an unofficial NY Times poll of its readers, Edwards gets 55% of the vote to be Kerry's VP, Wes Clark 37% and nobody else more than 1%. Who would you recommend?

Computer Specials
Scoop up a copy of Nero 6 Ultra Edition for $19.99 after $50 rebate from Good only through June 3rd, so if you want it, you'd better hurry. Rebate available at the link via a .pdf file.
(Nero 6 Ultra Edition wins PC World`s Best Buy Award - “Of the seven DVD Burning suites we examined, only Ahead’s Nero 6 Ultra Edition handled everything we threw at it – and handled it well” “Had everything you’ll need to do almost anything related to CD and DVD creation” PC World, April 2004)

A true bummer, G4, which specializes in computer gaming, has taken over TechTV and has eliminated the extremely helpful "Call for Help" show. The "Screensavers" still survives, but "Call for Help" was especially helpful for us mortals. All in the name of greed. Bah, humbug. For some of Leo LaPorte's final comments, check out his blog on this topic

SP2 From Leo's Blog - "We now know why there was a delay in shipping Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Security code in the update breaks 64-bit processors. Microsoft says it has licked the problem and expects to ship Release Candidate 2 this week with release to manufacture in late July. That should get it out to users by September. Sp-2 adds much needed security to XP and will be a must have download once it ships. "

Photo of the Day

This little fella is out for a stroll after a recent cloudburst (Casio 3000EX 1/524th@f5.6 30mm macro mode ISO 100)

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