Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Feed Demon Revisited

If you're not yet using RSS feeds for your Internet browsing, then you're missing a tool that will save you boodles of time. Check out this good review of Feed Demon 1.10 It will save you a lot of time wandering around to various web sites, when you can visit them all with this one tool all while staying within the same window. "The highlight of the interface is the integrated browser and how seamlessly it blends in with the rest of the application. What makes the browser so great is that it has the capability to open new windows in tabs. This feature alone makes FeedDemon more useful than IE as a Web browser." This review actually covers Version 1.0, but if you pay for it, it is actually up to 1.10 RC5 (release candidate 5).

Word of the Day
pernicious Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly:a pernicious virus . Causing great harm; destructive: pernicious rumors. Usage - "The murders have subsided, but a more pernicious trend worries him. The price of food -- particularly rice -- has almost doubled. ... "

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