Thursday, July 29, 2004

How can this be?

"In recent polls, Americans said they had more confidence in Mr. Bush to make the right decisions to protect the country compared with Mr. Kerry." Hello? Are more Americans having a brain aneurism or what???? George Bush - who led us into an unjustified war? George Bush - who was dodging out on his National Guard duty? This makes him better qualified to protect our country? Give me a BREAK! I am amazed at how people can even compare the two - here's a guy who's trying to dodge out on his military duty and then here's Kerry, jumping out of a swift boat and chasing guys through the jungle and he's even volunteering for this duty! And then there's the other fact - what makes George Bush so special just because he got pissed off that terrorists attacked our country on 9/11? Because he acted like a tough guy? Hell, who amongst you, if you were leading the country, wouldn't have acted pissed off? That has to be one of the dumbest arguments I"ve heard in a long time. Don't Americans realize that our stature abroad has sunk to an all-time low and that the reason is the world considers our President dangerous and incapable and just plain ignorant about the issues? Why else do you think they hate us? Sure, we have sex, TV, too much food and the inclination to think that we are some sort of missionaries out to save the world, but it takes a George Bush to push these countries over the edge into actually hating us, versus just being jealous. Do us all a favor America - drive these Neo-cons out of office and in so doing, you will really be protecting the country.

Still Time!
You still have time to contribute at After tomorrow, no more contributions, while George Bush has another month to keep sucking up money. Don't let the Dems fall victim!

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