Friday, July 30, 2004

Where's Primetime?


I still find it rather astounding that the primetime channels (ABC, NBC,FOX,CBS) didn't carry the convention live each night. You had to turn to cable or satellite to listen. No wonder people never vote in this country - they're being sent the message that the Simpsons are more important than an election. The only channels worth watching were CSPAN and PBS. Too many of the others had too many commentators butting in, offering their opinions. Most disagreeable was Chris Matthews going bonkers (he's always bonkers, but now more so.) and playing Mr. Republican, when in reality, he isn't. He was downright rude to Al Sharpton and fortunately Al didn't back down a bit and gave it right back.

I thought the speakers for the Dems were outstanding. 5 stars to Barak Obama (we will have really come far in this country when we elect a guy with a name like that to be president - and that might not be that far off). Thought the Kerry kids did great, as did Theresa Heinz Kerry and in particular John Kerry, who gave the best speech I've heard him give. Will it make a diff? Maybe. How many undecided voters watched? And how many, who never vote, watched? Probably not a whole lot.

Health Care

Compare the Kerry-Edwards Health Care Plan to the Bush-Cheney Plan

Krugman's Views

Krugman makes some good points in his opinion piece today . Worth Reading. Thought this final comment was interesting, "Three weeks ago, The New Republic reported that the Bush administration was pressuring Pakistan to announce a major terrorist capture during the Democratic convention. Hours before Mr. Kerry's acceptance speech, Pakistan announced, several days after the fact, that it had apprehended an important Al Qaeda operative."


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