Sunday, June 12, 2005

Power - what Power?

Geez, looking at the stats from my UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for my computer, I notice that we have had 11 blackouts in the last week alone and some 40+ in the last 4 weeks. Gotta love that AEP (American Electric Power). Thank God I bought this UPS or my computer would have been toast long ago. I don't know what it is about living in the mountains, but the slightest bit of wind or rain will knock us out every time .

Well Danica found out what it was like to run with the big boys last night at the Texas Speedway. To her credit, she lasted the race but finished 13th. Think she is quickly finding out how mind boggling it is to be racing at 210 mph side by side to somene in a high banked curve. The slightest twitch on that steering wheel and away you go - maybe even to your death. She was wise to back off and find some cushion and get a bit more practice before involving herself in some of those hair-raising moments. It was an exciting race - with some very close calls, but overall no major wrecks and a pretty clean race.

Afleet Alex
Afleet Alex proved he was the horse of the year in the Belmont. Wow and then some! As they came around the final turn with Giacomo (the Derby winner) leading or close to it, Afleet Alex suddenly just shifted into overdrive and blew the field away to win by 7 lengths. It was amazing to see this horse just put it into a gear that obviously no other horse had -awesome display of strength and speed. Shame he didn't win the Derby as he is a Triple Crown horse for sure.

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