Monday, June 13, 2005

A serious challenge to wild Salmon

I was reading David Suzuki's web site today and thought I'm bring your attention to this serious issue involving wild salmon. A new study is confirming the dangers of open net salmon farming in British Columbia. The results - A definitive new study confirming that a B.C. fish farm is responsible for an overwhelming increase in sea lice on wild fish should prompt the government to immediately remove salmon farms from B.C. waters, say members of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (CAAR).

The results show transmission of lice from farmed salmon to migrating wild salmon peaked at an intensity of 70 times greater than natural near the farm and continued to exceed natural levels for 30km along the migration route. This amounts to a total contribution of lice from the farm that was 30,000 times higher than natural.

Environmental groups and other concerned community members continue to advocate for the immediate removal of open net pens and a shift to more sustainable forms of fish farming. Closed-tank systems address most of the disease and pollution concerns posed by open net cages.

“We have a small window of opportunity to reverse this damage – by removing open netcages and investing in sustainable, closed-tank technology,” says Ritchlin. “But this window is getting smaller and smaller.”

Makes you think about that next delicious looking grilled salmon dinner you're consuming in your neighborhood restaurant, doesn't it? Do yourself a favor - order wild Alaskan salmon from Vital Choice . You can't get a better source and you can cook it a heck of a lot better than any restaurant is going to cook it. I cook mine on a simple electric grill I picked up from Walmart for $25 - delicious and very healthy stuff.

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