Friday, August 12, 2005

Canon 10D for Sale

If you're interested in digital photography, a friend of mine has a Canon 10D digital SLR for sale. You can read an indepth review of the camera at DPReview and you can write my friend Sarah to ask her any questions. Some examples of her photography are on the Net at this location . If you're looking to move up from the tinier digicams to something that can produce large prints, this might be the ticket for you, and it gives you the added flexibility of using different lenses for your photography.

Quote of the Day
Mitch Hedberg - I like swiss cheese. It's the only cheese you can draw with a pencil and identify. You can draw American cheese, but someone will think it's cheddar. Swiss cheese is the only cheese you can bite and miss. "Hey Mitch - does that sandwich have cheese on it?" "Every now and then!" I got some swiss air on that bite.


sophie said...

Yes, brie or edam would be far more difficult in a game of Pictionary. (did I just date myself far too obviously with that reference?) Thanks for visiting me.

KarbonKountyMoos said...

mmmm... Swiss cheese... Now I have to go make something to eat!

Sarah said...

I like your new blog look

ATHiker95 said...

I think people must like to eat! :)

Thanks Sarah for the comment on the blog look - although I need to find some inspring picture or thought for the top header of the blog. I think it looks a bit bland. But since I have this jungle fever or whatever it is at the moment,my creativity is pretty flat. :(