Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dana Reeve (44) has Lung Cancer

Man, this is NOT what you deserve after all this poor woman has gone through. You have to wonder how much stress contributed to this. I don't think she smoked, so you have to ponder what caused this. Prognosis is not generally good once you get tagged with this, despite one's positive attitude,etc. Let's hope she can be the exception to the rule. She was a true warrior during his illness. Stress is one of those things you need to get rid of in your life if at all possible, because it is the bringer of only bad things when it comes to health. And if you smoke, well maybe Peter Jenning's death and even hearing of Dana's situation, will prompt you to stop the stupid habit before it is too late. Last I heard, dying of cancer is not a pleasant way to go.

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