Monday, August 01, 2005

Raging Baristas vent! (or is that venti?)

I always like to check in on the Starbucks gossip blog - always interesting and sometimes quite funny - Check out what Baristas think of irritating people who come in to the stores - quite a hoot! An example - "There is a woman who comes into our store every day, orders a tall decaf drip,(Sumatra; you know who you are!!) eats samples with both hands, and takes change out of the tip jar to pay for her coffee...unless I see her first. I move the tip jars when I see her in line. She also complains loudly every time we don't have bran muffins (could use the roughage, from the looks of her) but NEVER buys one when we do.
I wanna be the "Bad Barista" for just one day, so I can toss her wrinkled ass on the street.

They get even better (and raunchier) - Don't you despise a customer who comes in and asks for grande non-fat cappucino and you get all excited because the store is almost empty and you have the chance to make the perfect cappucino, in a "for here" cup(!), with liquid chrome foam piled high and super sexy delicious. You create, very likely the best cappucino of your life, not too dry and and just at the right temperature. Then that same customer, you know the one, who wears the fake Gucci sunglasses and only comes in the day after welfare cheques are diposited, complains and says, "this is ALL foam, can you fill it up with milk. I didn't pay $3.91 for a cup full of foam." Thats what a fucking cappucino is you ignorant hoochie fool! Some people are just soooo not worthy!

For more of these priceless observations check out the "Bad Barista" story link .

The one guy who looked like he mght actually be telling the truth before Congress - boy, oh, boy - Rafael Palmeiro, the Baltimore Orioles slugger who at a Congressional hearing in March vehemently denied using steroids, was suspended for 10 days today for violating major league baseball's steroids policy. Read the full article in the Times . Another fine role model for young kids.

Quote of the Day
Mitch Hedbert - Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly how that barista making the cappaciono feels. And sometimes I even explain to the customer BEFORE i make the drink that it is mostly foam, and they STILL complain. Urghhh!