Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Day on the BattlefieldPooped out after 7 hours on the Battlefield! Was worth it though - driving tour and accompanying cassette tape were excellent. Having read the 1st half of the Killer Angels so far, gave us a big leg up on understanding the battle and the characters behind it. I'm telling you, these were some damn tough characters back then - hike 28 miles and then storm Little Round Top - ugh - man, I wouldn't have even made it 28 miles, let alone have the strength to charge a hill or load a weapon. And of course there was the minor little distraction of cannon balls exploding around your head.

Rounded off the day with an all you can eat buffett at Pickett's Buffett - I'm sure General Pickett stopped in here for a hearty meal before charging across that 1 mile expanse. If his boys had eaten as much as we did, I doubt they would have made it more than a few hundred yards. They probably hadn't eaten in some time and thus decided to charge across the field cause they knew Pickett's buffett was just around the corner. :) It was a hot, sticky day today, just like the days these guys fought in - can't imagine wearing those hot uniforms and running barefoot across some of those rocks. Somehow, I suspect them boys had a mite more fortitude than this ol' couch potato.

I'd post a pic of the day, but too pooped for that craziness.

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