Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vacation Time!Haven't posted in a bit and am now off on a 2 week vacation to Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and NYC. Will hopefully find some time in the evening to post a few pics and give you a vacation update. Spent most of the day today driving from SW VA up to Gettysburg - about a 6-7 hour drive. Didn't seem like the drive took very long, because Janet and I were listening to the audio version of Michael Shaara's "The Killer Angels", arguably one of the best historical novels ever written. It won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction back in 1973 and much later (in the 90's) was made into a film by Ted Turner, entitled "Gettysburg".

I had read it some 20 years ago and recently saw the film Gettysburg again, plus have read a ton of Civil War stuff, but it is a nice review before touring the battlefield. Excellently narrated.

We'll spend most of Wednesday touring the battlefield.

Time to go back to listening to the audio book!

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