Monday, October 24, 2005

Computer woes

Haven't been posting for a bit, as I've been suffering with the mysterious computer woes. Stupid thing just tosses up a black screen and reboots when it feels like it. I'm half suspecting some Firefox extension or theme I might have downloaded, so uninstalled most of them today (Firefox now loads a lot faster! :). Not sure if a bad piece of code could wreck so much havoc - we shall see. After about 10 sudden reboots the other day, my computer didn't like the copies of the registry so started hauling up old ones - now that's fun. Suddenly your desktop background is gone - your fonts look a bit strange - settings are lost in some programs - all quite strange.

Thought I had my stuff safe on an external HD and then when I plugged it back in today, discovered my computer wouldn't recognize, so I rebooted and chkdsk popped up checking the drive - found a bunch of corrupted stuff - fixed it and I'm back to normal (ha! - what's normal?). No idea how stuff got corrupted on there.

And then this afternoon I picked up the mail and standing at the table tilted my neck forward to look at the paper and that damn thing seized - thought I was gonna pass out - boy - talk about some pain. whew. Guess the ol' RA is gonna destroy my neck now. When you're on a roll, you're on a roll!

At least I have my wife's laptop to fall back on which is a good thing :)

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