Friday, October 28, 2005

Microsoft Anti-Spyware

I continue to be impressed with Microsoft's Anti-Spyware. Since installing, I have not had a single instance of spyware getting onto my computer (verified by running Search and Destroy as well). I am thinking that I may just uninstall Spyware Blaster and Search and Destroy as there doesn't seem to be much need for them now. You can learn more about this program and download it at Microsoft's Anti-Spyware site . It's free to try through the end of December - after that, I'm not sure what Microsoft plans to do with it - whether it will remain free or whether there will be a charge associated. I believe it is Microsoft's intention to include it in Vista, so hopefully it will remain free. (*Update - Windows AntiSpyware (Beta 2) and the final release version will each be available at no additional charge for currently licensed Windows customers. Customers will be required to validate that their version of Windows is genuine.) A further note - Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server™ 2003.

If you are interested in joining or just looking at forums related to MS's Anti-Spyware, you can do so here .

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