Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sports and More

Did you catch the NYC Marathon this morning? Great races, particularly the finish of the men's race. Closest race in history - always enjoy watching this race - amazing how you can crank out 4:40 miles, one after another for 26.2 miles. Heartbreak for last year's winner Henry Remaala of South Africa who lost by 1 step to Paul Tergat of Kenya, the world record holder. Can you imagine running 26.2 miles and losing by 1 step? Incredible. I probably couldn't run one (1) 8 minute mile at the moment. Good stuff. Now off to see if Tiger can close down on the front runner in the season ending Tour Championship.

TV shows
Tune in to West Wing tonite - Jimmy Smits and Allen Alda do a "live tv" debate for the presidency. Should be good. Smits and Alda have brought a lot to the show. And then of course there is Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy, and the best "feel good" show on TV (and probably the best show period) - Extreme Makeover (starts at 7 Eastern tonite - 2 hour show). Whew - gonna have a sore butt after all that!

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