Friday, December 09, 2005


Getting a bit of a hoot out of Plaxo . It's a neat tool to synch your address book with other Plaxo members, which are normally your address book contacts. If they move or update their address books, their updated entry is automatically updated in your address book. Very handy way to not lose touch of people. But in my first experiences with this tool and sending out requests for my contacts to update, they might update their info, but they won't join Plaxo, which sort of defeats the whole purpose. Makes me chuckle to think that everyone believes their address and phone number is some sort of sacrosanct item. I'm sure the Feds know where you are a hundred times over - if you've ever filed a tax return or applied for Social Security benefits, they know where you are. And I'm sure they have a million other ways to find you as well. If you're worried about spam, Plaxo has tight security controls in place, even if they close up shop or sell to someone else. You're not going to get spammed through Plaxo. You can read more about their Security policies .

It's been an interesting social experiment. Does show how paranoid everyone has become. It's a shame because this is a great tool. I've lost contact with a lot of folks over the years and no good way to find them other than through googling them, etc., which doesn't always work. This would eliminate that problem.

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