Saturday, February 28, 2004

And in the Techno World

Ah, will be hard to resist this new printer from Canon. Due out in May. Borderless 13x19" prints in under 3 minutes. 8 inks, 6,144 nozzles, 2 picoliter droplets, Firewire and USB 2.0. Not bad. Will have to upgrade to XP's SP1 (dreadful thought), but will be worth it I guess to have this baby crank out some monster prints. May just wait until SP2 comes out and do it all at once. Think it is due out in the not too distant future. May jump yet at that new Nikon D70 - will wait and see what others experience with that first though.

DxO is a hot new product that looks quite promising. Noticed it in a newsletter from Imaging Resource. Promises to dramatically enhance image quality by automatically eliminating chromatic aberration, blur, vignetting and noise. You can try it out on a few pictures at the DxO site.

Trillian Pro has a new patch out 2.011. It doesn't get any better than Trillian for an IM, especially if you take advantage of all the plug-ins (stocks, weather, newsfeeds, to do tasks, and on and on). If you don't know what an IM is, just skip this. (They also have a free version with less features - Trillian lets you connect to your friends at msn, aol, yahoo, icq all through the same IM).

Roboform Pro is now up to version 5.61. The pro version will set you back $30 (a pittance for a program used this often) which will allow you unlimited passwords. The freebie version will grant you 30 passwords (if you're a light user of the Internet). Offers encrypted passwords as well. This really is a highly useful tool - used to be totally free, but that has kind of gone the way of the dinosaur. 

You do have the Google Toolbar , don't you? I would hope so. Another one of those indespensable tools. Free and this newer version offers a pop-up blocker, in case you are using IE as your Internet browser (IE is a bit slow to come around to the times). You can also look at all the other tools Google offers by clicking here You can also get a popup blocking browser by using Mozilla or by using MyIE2 . MyIE2 gives you all the advantages of IE with all the tools of Mozilla (surely debatable to those who use Mozilla). The popup blockers and especially the tabs features of these 2 browsers make your Internet experience completely different and better. I've used both Mozilla (1.3.1) and MyIE2 and have gotten used to MyIE2, but either will do the trick. Some things display better in IE than in Mozilla, which is why I stuck with MyIE2. Your choice.

If you have one of these "tabbed browsers" set up to open links in new "tabs", then as you've been reading these paragraphs, each time you could click on one of the links and a new tab would be opening with that window's information, all the while you continued to read here. By the time you finished reading here, the information is downloaded and ready to be read in the new tabs. All you have to do is click on them. Absolutely wonderful (ah, the little things that get me all excited!). All of these programs are easy to download and install.  

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